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Probart Mazda Unlimited Warranty

The New Mazda Unlimited Warranty

Like with any new relationship, the most exciting moments often come during the first few years. That's especially true with Mazda, producer of the some of the most exhilarating rides on the roads of Canada. The last thing you want to do during this honeymoon phase is curtail your driving.

Mazda Unlimited: Taking Warranties Further than Ever Before

Probart Mazda is both proud and excited to introduce the Mazda Unlimited warranty, a first-of-its-kind offering debuting with the new 2015 Mazda vehicle lineup.

All past warranty terms included both a timeframe and an odometer milestone, offering coverage for something like 24 months / 36 kilometers, "whichever came first." Now "whichever comes first" has been dashed from the contract, letting you drive as much as you want during the warranty term.


Mazda Warranty Packages Made "Unlimited" Starting with 2015 Models

The revolutionary new Mazda Unlimited warranty applies to the following packages, applicable to all 2015 Mazda vehicles or newer:

3-Year New vehicle Warranty at Probart Mazda
3-Year roadside assistance package at Probart Mazda

5 Year Powertrain Warranty at Probart Mazda
Unlimited 7 Year Anti Perforation Warranty at Probart Mazda

Mazda puts so much faith in the quality of its product that it's practically daring you to drive it to the limit. Go ahead!

Other General Terms & Conditions

  • Mazda Unlimited warranties are transferrable with sale of the vehicle, across as many owners as the vehicle has during the warranty period.
  • Extended warranty packages are still available to add additional protection coverage to your Mazda vehicle.
  • Genuine OEM Mazda accessories installed at the time of purchase of a 2015 or newer Mazda are also included under the Unlimited warranty.